About Runaway Mus Bus - A Skoolie Family Blog
About Runaway Mus Bus - A Skoolie Family Blog

Me (Kaitlin) and my tall one husband have welcomed 34 wandering children, from at risk families, into our home in the past eleven years. Although we would love to be a forever home for all of them, we were only able to adopt our spunky pre-teen daughter, Buckets, and we are legal guardians for our special needs, yet funny son, Monkey.

Together, our family has ditched suburbia, to travel around the country in an 18-foot converted school bus. We live, learn and explore on the road and we love hiking and climbing mountains!

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A former professional ballerina turned dirty trail trash; there is not a mountain Kaitlin would not wish to climb. Never one to run from a fight, she spends her days tackling the tough realities with talking about mental health, trauma in childhood and bad dad jokes. She recently completed the 500 mile Colorado Trail in 20 days and has eyes to complete the Arizona Trail, Continental Divide Trail, Great Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Kaitlin enjoys rock climbing, trail running and taking pretty pictures of pretty things. A storyteller by heart, she loves to tell the stories of those she’s blessed to have called her mom.

Runaway Mus Bus - A Skoolie Family Blog


A young entrepreneur with a blooming jewelry shop; Buckets who wears her massive emotions on her sleeve for the world to see. We met buckets at three days old on a dark and rainy Thursday on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. Always a powerful force of nature; she was our very first foster child who paved the welcome to her thirty-three heart siblings who wearily entered our home after her. At age two we were granted the incredible gift to adopt our number one. Buckets is a light in such a dark world with the ability to love all freely. She is also a hormonal pre-teen who is known to suddenly morph into dramatics for absolutely no apparent reason. We surely do love our girl and believe she one day could run this world – but only if she wanted to.

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Charlie A.K.A. The Tall One

The steady one in a sea of emotionally cracked humans, the tall one, is the foundation of our family. An awkward electrical engineer with a puppy like walk, he provides for our adventures by working completely remote designing power and lighting systems. Born on a dairy farm and raised outside of Spokane, Washington- the tall one values family and Jesus above all else with his quiet smile. He loves all things that contain any form of peaches, rock climbing and binge watching super hero action movies. The tall one is a wonderful father to the fatherless and captured the heart and hand of a flighty woman who never wanted to be a bride.

Runaway Mus Bus - A Skoolie Family Blog


Youngest of our tribe; monkey entered our family at nine months. We met this handsome fella at a homeless shelter in Los Angeles, California. After a few traumatic back and forths we became his legal guardians when he was three years old. Even though monkey was diagnosed with the rare and chronic autoimmune disease eosinophilic esophagitis at age two he is gifted with immense physical intelligence. At seven years old he has already climbed over a dozen 14ers, rode a bike without training wheels on the first try, loves to rock climb and has quite the arm on him. Monkey has special needs that make life a scary, confusing one full of turmoil inside his little heart. We try our best to love him and hope to see him grow up into the incredible human that he is already inside of him.

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The favorite – we mean furry – child. Dingo was first discovered in a desolated field under a wine crate with her mom and siblings. After running with a wild dog pack for her first four months of life; she can be a bit feral in her quirky nuisances. A rescue mutt with Aussie Cattle and German Shepard in her blood she truly is the best adventure mate climbing all the mountains. Dingo loves chasing a good deer, stealing food unattended and taking up the entire bed with her lovely furry self. She may hate all humans but we sure do love her.

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Our home on wheels is an 18 foot, self proclaimed zombie apocalypse vehicle that is complete with solar power, 30 gallon water tank, extra fox shocks and lift plus many miles of many dusty roads under her belt. She is not the fanciest skoolie but she is ours. Our little home sweet home on wheels.