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Welcome to our little spot online, where we share stories from our adventure and talk about the world of fostering and adoption, wellness and climbing mountains. We’re traveling, in our 18-foot converted school bus, around the country and we have our pre-teen daughter, Buckets, and our son, Monkey, on board. Everyday is an adventure together. We love exploring, climbing and working as a team.

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None of my children were successful in traditional school. Every quarter students were awarded certificates for academic greatness. Every quarter buckets eager to win came home crestfallen when her name was not called. Every quarter a promise to do better. Every quarter a empty space on her bedroom wall where she planned to hang her award between her rock wall jugs and crimps. Every quarter a disappointment until she started hiding notices sent home of assemblies; sighing they just do not honor students anymore. . . . When buckets was tested for ADD they tested her IQ level as well. Her pediatrician raising her lovely arched eyebrows in delight as she explained she was not truly surprised that my quick tongue child’s scores were incredibly high. Just imagine – she smirked – when kids start getting ADD therapy their IQ in most cases actually test higher then prior. She’s going to run this country, her tone turning just a tad more serious. But only if she decides she wants to; she added knowingly. . . . I watch buckets map out her business plan surrounded by beads and trinkets; soft sun glow and dirty fingernails. Her genius is not found in the traditional academic mold. But as I fight for her to ebb and flow to swim alongside this new normal ever changing – I believe she’s going to be alright. C-, no awards no problem, detention her best friend. I believe she’s going to be alright. . . . . . #roadschool #rvlife #roadschooling #fulltimefamilies #homeschool #fulltimetravel #travelfamily #travelwithkids #homeiswhereyouparkit #gorving #familypreneur #raisingkidpreneurs #kidsoutandabout #familyrv #familyroadventures #wanderlust #nomad #unschooling #continentrace #getoutside #family travel #homeschooling #tinyhouse #travelingwithkids #homeschoolkids #homeonwheels #kidtrailblazers #learnandexplore #ditchingsuburbia

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