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We have fostered 34 wandering children, from at risk families, into our home in the past eleven years. Learn a bit of what it’s like to be a foster parent, the fostering process and how you to, can foster a child in need. Click on a post below to read the full article.

all the little lights – chapter 3

I swallowed those pills. My life was a mess. The weeks after the absence of a dream of a life there was no other way to describe what was anything but a life that was a mess. But was it a mess outside of anything besides my mind? Even now I debate the validity of that statement ‘my life was a...
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all the little lights – chapter 2

Monkey was nine months when I first got the call from the nonprofit organization placement coordinator. I was surprised by the call since the normal method of placing comprised of tickets sent in mass emails and those interested would reply for the child up for grabs. 'This is a highly sensitive...
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all the little lights -chapter one

  It feels almost like a betrayal writing these words. It feels almost like a gross injustice of love to remember these memories. Somehow this is an undermining of all things I hold dear to allow the feelings, thoughts and actions of that time in my life to surface once again. How far deep...
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day in the life

I witnessed the lowest, disgusting, humiliating, completely deprived occurrence three years back while still deep in the trenches navigating the court system. Who am I kidding? I am still deep, deep in the trenches. I found myself thinking about it today. Yesterday I got a phone call denying us...
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How Outdoor Therapy Helped My Foster Child

I am sure you have read somewhere on some blog post, some inspiration quote or some feel good news article that outdoor time is good for your mental wellbeing. And I am sure fellow outdoor lovers will agree with the feeling of fresh air bringing fresh healing to whatever rottenness you may have...
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